Purple Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter 40% off with fabric purchase

The purple color of the new Olfa Splash Cutters make them stand out from the crowd. Regularly $17.99, get one of the new limited edition cutters for only $10.79 with any fabric purchase!  Click Here for details.

Luxury Faux Fur Sale! 30% off!

We have several Luxury Faux Furs at close-out prices - Here is a picture of the Fox Tail and how one of our customers covered an ottoman with it and made a throw out of the rest.  Beautiful!  These furs are of the highest quality, deep pile, realistic, with layers of various hair types to imitate authentic fur almost perfectly - without injuring any animals and without the allergic/shedding problems real furs offer.  We are selling these in 2.5 to 3 yard pieces so they are priced per bundle. Click here.


Crows and More Crows Quilt Kit

Introducing our newest  quilt kit -
Easy and quick - and oh so cute! 36.5" x 50"
Crows and More Crows. 
Designed by  Polly Swayne

Kit $34.99. 

Celebrating Spring with 10% off large selection Floral Fabrics!

Shipping Special - $6 any size package within USA.  Limited time only!
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