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Memorial Weekend Hours

206 S. Main, Lusk, WY  82225, 307-334-9963,

Memorial Weekend Hours

Lickety Stitch will be open Saturday, May 25, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (we will be closed Saturday afternoon and Sunday)
Open Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 9-5.

  So if you need anything on Saturday, come in early! 

Memorial Weekend Sale: 

All patriotic fabrics 20% off May 25-May 27.
$3and $4 a yard sale continues in our clearance section.  We are adding to these sections regularly, so stop in often to see what has been added. 

Wyoming Quilt Shop Hop 2013
 Beginning Saturday, June 1 through Saturday, August 31, Lickety Stitch will be participating in the 2nd Annual Wyoming Quilt Shop Hop 2013.  Stop in between those dates to get your  passport and pattern.  "Old Love" will be the free pattern available at Lickety Stitch  this year, and there will be a kit available for purchase to go along with the pattern.

"Old Love" wall hanging kit.
Every participating shop will have a different free pattern as well as an opportunity to register for door prizes at each shop and Grand Prizes which will be drawn for at the end of the 3-month shop hop. Click here for more information and a printable passport.

Quilt Wyoming 2013
Wyoming State Quilt Guild is holding their annual quilt convention at the Casper Community College from July 11-14, 2013.  There will be a quilt show as well as many classes and learning opportunities.  To learn more, click here. 

If you have been quilting for any length of time, you likely have acquired a collection of scraps.  Scrappy quilts have a certain charm that appeals to almost everyone. We have many new books in the shop - and several are Scap-quilt oriented.  Here is an exerpt from one:
  • Do you think scrappy quilts are hard?
  • Do you have a hard time picking out fabrics?
  • Do you think you’re bad with color?
  • Do you like scrappy quilts?
  • Can you sew a straight line with a ¼” seam?
  • Do you have access to a quilt shop that sells precuts?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need this book! This info is from Rebecca Silbaugh’s value-packed book, Seamingly Scrappy.

Rebecca’s Scrappy Tips

  • If you’ve never made a scrap quilt before, get your feet wet using precut fabrics, such as Moda Layer Cake squares. All the fabrics will work well together, so there won’t be any anxiety about choosing individual fabrics.
  • No matter which fabrics you use within a quilt, nothing dictates the feel of the quilt like the borders and large setting pieces. If you use 100 different fabrics within a quilt but choose a blue border, the quilt will almost always read as blue as a whole.
    Sometimes the best option for large pieces, if you want the quilt to still read as scrappy, is to use neutrals. However there are exceptions to every rule, so I recommend auditioning border fabrics to get the result you’re looking for.
  • A common error when choosing fabrics for scrappy quilts is picking out fabrics that are too similar. Within each color you should have a mix of values. Feel free to combine prints and textures to do this. The lightest and darkest prints of each color value should almost be able to blend with the other color values in the quilt.
    To get the right mix, it all comes down to how the fabrics are paired up. For example, a dark-green fabric is a dark value when paired with a light tan. However, if paired with black, it might be a medium value. Just make sure there’s a decent contrast between the fabrics being sewn together and the result will look magical.
  • When selecting colors, try to think of a crayon box. You might not love every color crayon, but when they’re all in the box, it looks nice.
  • If you blend a few fabrics you just like with fabrics you absolutely love, the result will be spectacular. More times than not, once the quilt is complete, the fabrics you didn’t exactly love in the beginning will be the icing on the cake. They tend to create those little pops of something we didn’t know was missing in the first place.

Here is an interesting web site with free tutorials and patterns for quilting, sewing and all different types of crafts.

Rawhide Pagent is less than 2 months away.  Start now on your Rawhide Pagent costumes. We have patterns for pioneer dresses for women and children, as well as leather-look fabric for Native American costumes. 

The next sewing day for the Niobrara Quilting Group will be Saturday, June 1, 9-4, at the Niobrara Senior Center in Lusk. We will skip July and resume on the first Saturday of August.  We would love to have you join us... call for more information. 307-334-9963