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Which Thread is Best for Quilting - Cotton or Polyester?

The Thread Debate:  Cotton vs. Polyester

Which is best for quilters to use, cotton or polyester thread?  If you have followed this debate, you know there are strong supporters for both sides of this issue. There are clearly times you should use one or the other, and then there are times it really doesn't matter which you use as long as it is of high quality.

I use polyester thread for piecing and quilting most of the time. A strong argument for polyester, and probably the one that influences my choice the most, is that it produces less lint in your sewing machine.  This is very apparent when used on the longarm quilting machine where the whole bobbin case is at times filled with tiny fibers after one bobbin change using cotton thread.  In comparison, there will be a moderate amount of lint to remove when using polyester.  A common misconception is that polyester thread will eventually eat into and tear cotton quilting fabric.  This has been proven untrue in my own experience and by thread experts. The only detriment I have found with polyester is that high heat (hot iron) can melt polyester thread, so do not use a hot iron for extended periods of time over polyester thread.

Cotton thread, as long as it is high quality cotton, is a good choice for cotton fabric.  I use 100% cotton thread whenever I think an item might be put in the microwave oven, such as for potato bags, hot pads, bowl or mug cozies, etc.  100% cotton batting is just as important for these items to prevent items from catching on fire in the microwave.  Remember, thread does have a shelf life and becomes weak after so many years.  Don't use old thread and regret it later when your project starts to come apart at the seams!

Superior Threads
has a lot of great information on threads, bobbins, and needles on their website, and I would highly recommend reading what they have to say, as they really know their stuff!

We have a Valentine for YOU!

Stop in at the shop this week and claim your Valentine gift from Lickety Stitch!  Have you seen Moda's Candy Pieces bundles - 2 1/2" squares of coordinating fabrics to use in your projects?  Well - we have prepared 30-piece heart-themed Candy bundles for our customers - and we would like to see what you can do with them!  We have some free patterns available on our website. If you can't stop in the store for your Valentine, you can still claim one with your online order placed this week.  Add "Valentine Surprise"  to your shopping cart, along with any other item.  One per customer, offer ends midnight 2/14/14. 

Fancy Yarn Now Available

Join us for a Free Scarf-Making Demo/class on Monday, February 17 at 2 p.m.
I know you have all seen the knit and crochet scarves done with the wide lace-like yarn - often made in a ruffle  pattern.  We now have Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn in 13 different multi-colors.  Have you tried Arm-Knitting yet?  This is a fun way to make a scarf in about 20-30 minutes - no kidding!  One skein makes a scarf for $4.99! 

What's New at Lickety Stitch

8x11 Clear Project Boxes - Great for Storing, Protecting, and Transporting your Projects.  The snap-on lid is attached so it can't get lost. Boxes stack convenientiently. $5.99

Never before have we had opportunity to purchase beautiful  batik fabrics in washable rayon challis- so we were delighted when this opportunity came our way.  These batiks have a soft drape yet enough body to work well in blouses, skirts, dresses, scarves... Because of the way batiks are dyed, there is not as distinct of a "right" and "wrong" side, so these pieces would make lovely scarves where both sides of the fabric show. 


Dr. Seuss Slicker
Everyone loves Dr. Seuss - and here are all your favorite Dr. Seuss characters in a laminated fabric, perfect for bags, rain wear, table covers, changing pads, purses, totes...


Quilt Til You Wilt
We are making plans for our 2nd Quilt 'Til you Wilt on March 14-15, and we already have a number signed up to join us.  If you are interested in this once-a-year opportunity, don't put off signing up.  Seating is limited.  Call 307-334-9963 to reserve a place, or go to the website under "Classes" and register there.

March 1 Sewing Day at the Senior Center, Lusk

The Niobrara County Quilters will be meeting March 1 at 9:00 for a day of open sewing at the Senior Center in Lusk.  Come join our group!

Lickety Stitch will be participating in the virtual web Fab Shop Hop in March and April.  Search our site for the Fab Shop Hop Bunny, visit other participating shops, and win prizes.  The bunny will look something like this: 

FabShop Hop
 He is already hidden on our site somewhere...

Free Downloadable Patterns
Go to the website often and click on the Free Patterns button at the top of the home page.  We will be adding patterns as time allows.  All patterns in this section will be free to use. 

Are you a Face Book user?  If so, please go on and "like" our store so you will get the newest news and offers as we post them.  We will be making some FaceBook only offers, in the near future to make it worth your while to check in often!