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Gadget Sale!

206 S. Main, Lusk, WY  82225, 307-334-9963,

We quilters love gadgets - whether they are sewing related or not!  We ordered in a variety of inexpensive yet handy items that make wonderful gifts - as well as great additions to your own collection of tools you just can hardly do without! 
Many are under $5 and make great stocking-stuffers.
Did you read the subject line that this is a gadget sale?  Here is the deal.  For the next week, now through December 12, buy any 5 of the listed gadgets, mix or match, and get 5% off.  Buy 10, and get 10% off.  Buy 20 and get 20% off!  You won't find these notions on our website - but you can call in and order them if you can't make it to the store in person.  All quantities are limited to stock on hand, so shop early so you won't be disappointed! 

Have you ever spilled your pins all over the floor, in the carpet, under your sewing machine - now imagine yourself down on your knees picking up pin after pin... Not our favorite picture.  BUT - with the handy Barrel Pin-Picker-upper, your job is made quick and easy.  Whisk the magnet over the area to pick up the pins - hold it over your pin box and pull the plunger.  The pins that were stuck to the magnet automatically release exactly where you want them.  In black and orange  $7.99 each

We love this little collapsible caddie - it folds flat for travel or storage, then expands into a great container with pockets on the sides to keep your sewing notions close at hand. All those thread snips and fabric scraps that end up on the floor?  With this caddie by your sewing machine, they will pose a problem no longer!  The vinyl lining would also make this a great place to set your water bottle - keeping the condensation off your furniture and project!  $6.99 each.

A purse flash light would be a welcome gift to any woman - but these little jewels are so bright and classy  you will want one for yourself also!  Pinch them in the center and a bright LED light illuminates even the darkest corner of your bag or keyhole.  They won't inadvertently stay turned on to run down the battery, either - so would be a great addition to an emergency kit.  $3.99 each in a variety of delightful colors and patterns.

Organization will be no problem at all if you have one of these brightly colored Purse Organizers - full of handy pockets and zippered compartments - a place for everything and everything will be in its place! They keep all your necessities together in a tote bag - and make changing purses or bags a breeze! They come in two sizes and are reversible.  You need to see these to believe them!  $9.99 small and $12.99 large and in a variety of colors.
You want to be identified as a quilter by your beautiful quilts, not by the threads and lint on your clothing!  The Cotton Picker has two different surfaces to brush off that pesky lint, pet hair, and dust - so you will always look your best, even if you just emerged from your sewing room! $4.99 each
Probably the most versatile of all our gadgets is the telescoping magnet.  What a handy gift for those hard-to-buy-for men on your list.  Every uncle, brother-in-law, step-brother, or even a grandson will appreciate the extra reach these extending magnets afford.  Actually everybody needs one of these, to get the hard-to-reach items that roll underneath the washing machine or refrigerator! $4.99

Nothing is more aggravating than tweezers that don't tweeze!  The tiniest thread, sliver or hair is no match for these quality tools.  With a non-slip colorful rubber grip, the Tweezertech Tweezers get
5- stars for quality, cuteness, and practicality!  $3.99 each

Pop-ups can be most annoying - but not these nifty 19.5" tall pop-up hamper/baskets that come in bright colors.  Self-contained in their own pocket they are a handy travel size.  Pull them out and you have an automatic clothes hamper, toy bin, beach basket, scraps storage - the uses are endless.  Fun and lightweight, you could use one to keep all the pieces of a project together in one place. $6.99

Do you have any friends who personally have gotten their credit-cards  hacked? Help them protect sensitive information from being scanned and stolen with a ScanSafe card holder.  Clever accordian-fold pockets hold credit cards and personal ID. The outer case contains material that prevents scanning the contents.  Help yourself and your friends prevent a personal identity theft.  Various colors. $5.99

Double-duty is the name of the game with these handy helpers.   The lighted needle-threader helps you see the tiny hole in the needle and acts as a threader also. $2.99 A Needle-Nanny is a pretty blue magnetic dot that, when attached to your shirt or project, will keep your needles and pins right where you can find them. $7.99 The Bobbin Beholder can be used as a pretty metallic and rhinestone flower hair ornament, or will keep a bobbin attached to your spool of thread. $2
  Since it is December in Wyoming - heat isn't much of a problem right now, but we all know there are warmer days ahead!  Help your quilting buddies be prepared for rising temperatures with a compact pocket fan.  With a quick twist, the fan emerges from its compact case to move an amazing amount of air.  Also doubles as a frisbee! These are just too fun to pass up at $2.99 each
With all the colorful handy organizational items we have on hand, there is no excuse for misplacing anything, large or small!  These cute little hexagonal storage containers pivot and slide open to reveal a myriad of compartments to keep pins, pills, beads, jewelry, or any other small items safe and secure.  Pink, blue or orange, at $4.99 each.

How many of you have ever had to dial yourself to find your phone? I think I heard a lot of "that would be me!"s in answer to that question!  Maybe you need a Jumping Jack clip-on phone stand to keep your phone standing up and in view. A Jumping Jack is a fun colorful holder that clips on your phone or small electronic device to stand it at a convenient viewing angle.  Since everyone I know has at least one cell-phone they need to keep track of, this is a perfect gift for absolutely anyone! $3.99 each, many colors available.

Small but powerful - these stubby little screw drivers come as a set of two - one has a Phillips and the other has a straight head. Both have a key-ring attached.  A handy size for so many household applications.  You had better mark them as yours because everyone will want to steal them, they are so cute!  $3.99 a pair

  Are my fingers just fat or does everyone else have the problem of miscellaneous stray letters appearing throughout their text messages - then auto-correct steps in and the results can be amusing and confusing!  Connect this bling-studded stylus to your phone for quick and accurate texting.  You know how you can't text with gloves on?  Well, with this stylish accessory, now you can!   $6.99

Your beautiful quilt top is finished, it is even quilted!  What a relief!  OH NO - now it has to be bound - and that means making miles and miles of binding.  First you cut, then you press, then you have this tangled bunch of spaghetti in a pile on the floor to try to untangle as you apply the binding.  NEVER AGAIN - we promise!  Clamp the pretty pink binding maker on the edge of your ironing board and as you press the binding in half, wind it up effortlessly on the center spool.  Set it beside your machine as you sew the binding in place and it will unroll neatly, keeping your binding twist-free.  Every quilter needs one!  $19.95, extra spools available. 
Did you read the subject line that this is a gadget sale?  Here is the deal.  Buy any 5 of the above gadgets, mix or match, and get 5% off.  Buy 10, and get 10% off.  Buy 20 and get 20% off!  You won't find these notions on the website - but you can call in and order them if you can't make it to the store in person.  All quantities are limited to stock on hand, so shop early so you won't be disappointed!