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Making Face Mask Project and Offer

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Sewing For The Cause

I am sure you have all seen the plea for home sewers to make face masks for medical personnel that are flooding the internet. We see information both pro and con on whether these are effective - but we also have nurses pleading for more of the masks and medical facilities that are stating they are better than nothing as supplies of masks run out or are gone.  Also some are using them for mask covers to prolong the life of the few medical masks they have available.  There are hospitals using them and needing more and those are the places we will give the masks we make.
Elastic Availability
We have been inundated with requests for elastic for making masks.  Unfortunately we did not see this coming so didn't stock up, and now our supplies are depleted as are those of our suppliers.  In light of the absence of elastic, unless you have a stash of it to use we encourage you to use patterns that have ties to keep the mask on instead of elastic, which is the pattern one friend that is a nurse preferred anyway. 

Below is a link to one pattern that our nurse friend suggested - I do not know that it is better than any other, but it does not require elastic.  It takes one fat quarter for a mask. 

If you do not have fabric to make masks, we are offering to match any fabric you purchase for making masks one-for-one,  you purchase a yard and we will provide a yard free along with your order for making more masks. One yard will yield 4 masks.  You will need to request this specially, so either email me at and leave a phone number so I can call you or call in your order to 307-334-9963 during business hours. 

Mask Collection and Distribution
We suggest that you check with your local hospitals to see if they will accept cotton masks and  what pattern they prefer. If you don't know where to send or take the finished masks, we will accept them at the shop in Lusk and deliver them where they are needed. 

Printable pattern Face Mask Pattern

Mask Tutorial