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Laura Heine Collage Class

206 S. Main, Lusk, WY  82225, 307-334-9963,

Hello ladies,
We are getting ready to order  patterns for the Laura Heine Collage class that will be January 12 and 13.  A few of you have let us know which pattern you want, but we need to find out from the rest of you.  Please go onto Laura Heine's website at and look at what is available.  Cathy suggests the "Teeny Tiny" size as one that you can finish in the class.  If you choose something bigger, you may not be able to finish in class - which is OK as long as you are OK with it!  The Teeny Tiny ones are not what I would call Teeny Tiny!  They are fairly good sized.  Each student must have their own pattern, as a requirement from Laura Heine for her certified instructors. We will have the needed Pattern Ease, Blue Handle Karen Kay Buckley scissors, and Steam A Seam 2 here at the shop for purchase when you come for class.  If you want your pattern shipped ahead of time, let us know.  Although it is not required, we do appreciate your purchasing your supplies from our shop as that is how we keep in business and are able to offer more classes. 
Please call or email me by December 8 with the pattern you have selected so we can get them ordered.  Please reply to this email either way so I know you received it.  
Thank you so much!
Karen Wisseman